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Yooo this is my free space, still have to decide what to do with it but feel free to join me

I also run an


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Oct 19 '14


I had a school assignment where i had to make some characters in another artist’s style, so i chose Ronald Searle!

Then i got stuck on it for a bit haha, so i will be uploading more soon 8)

Oct 19 '14


Women Warriors series by maxre

A women only archery competition in North Japan.

Oct 14 '14

(Source: gorillaprutt)

Oct 12 '14


Pressed flower clear phone cases from Flower Cases on Etsy

Oct 12 '14


Sanzoku no Musume Ronja (Ronia the Robber’s Daughter) - Character sketches

The new TV series directed by Goro Miyazaki is a collaboration between Studio Ghibli and Polygon Pictures which aired its first two episodes in Japan yesterday.

Oct 12 '14


A little about me, I am a Nigerian born, NYC based model signed with Muse Model Management. 

Based on the immense knowledge and exposure I have gained in the fashion industry as a model, I have transferred the skills to various avenues such as, creating content for an online web series called iofafrica.

I OF AFRICA is an online series celebrating individualism on the continent and telling inspirational stories which will feature Africans and friends of Africa who are doing progressive things around the world. I cover topics that influence the image of what African is, “African beauty”, what African cultures are, influences the continent has on the world from a global perspective, and the evolution of these things. I consider these individuals to be trailblazers, navigating and conquering various industries in Africa and the Diaspora.

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Oct 10 '14



Oct 10 '14



Underwater Knee-High Girls plus

Oct 10 '14


A few more snapshots of Yuki’s week of adventures and relaxing!

Oct 4 '14


Guys do you remember the old school animator vs animation videos? The creator just put the fourth one up 3 years later and I’m in awe.